Stage 3 Performance Software Upgrade

Made Specifically for the BMW 650i & 650ix

D903-44T53 Stage 3 Performance Software Upgrade 650i (2012 & 2013)

Product Description

Get the most out of your performance upgrades by receiving an additional 10 horsepower from the combination of the Performance Software and your Dinan parts upgrades. Software upgrades are specifically designed and tuned for the Dinan upgrade.

Benefits of the Performance Software Upgrade: + Add 10 to 20 Horsepower when used in conjunction with Dinan Performance parts. See individual parts for power numbers. + Downloads through the BMW diagnostic port, the same way BMW loads software + Top Speed Governor Removed, you decided how fast you want to go + Factory Matching Warranty Coverage (4year/50,000 mi), no sleepless nights or being scared to visit a BMW dealer + Full Map Rescaling, for drivability from idle to wide open throttle and everywhere in between + Properly Returned Fuel Mixtures, to save you gas and protect your engine + Retain All BMW Factory Engine Damage Safeguards
Special Product Notes
For 2011 & 2012 models only.
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450-682-1212 ext 343

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